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Rulenge Hospital Solar Power Project 2022

Rulenge Hospital Solar Power Project. This rural hospital on the Burundi border has a growing patient population and has electricity about half the time. Plan is to deliver 70 kWhr/day. Project hopeful completion 2024. Learn more on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

NOHA Breast Cancer Clinical Research Study 2022 - Ongoing

Working with Univ. of New England, Maine Medical Center Research Institute and Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi, Tanzania the SCF is proud to sponsor breast cancer research directed at improving the diagnosing and treatment of Breast Cancer in resource challenged countries like Tanzania.

St. Claire’s Secondary School Solar Project Completed 2021

On April 6th 2021 the St Claire’s Secondary School for Girls finally had running water thanks to a project funded by the Sandy Christman Foundation. 

Phase 2 - Biharamulo Hospital Solar Project 2020

Solar Power comes to Biharamulo Hospital in Tanzania.
Electrical Production: 90 kWh/day

Phase 1 - Biharamulo Hospital Solar Project 2018 - 2019

Solar Power comes to Biharamulo Hospital in Tanzania.
Electrical Production: 30-50 kWh/day

Project Tanzania 2016

Brought a portable Ultrasound Machine, donated to us by The Sonosite Company, to Biharamulo Hospital and introduced FAST exam technology for quick, inexpensive diagnosis.

Project Tanzania 2015

We finally delivered the 40 ft shipping container! See the blog and read about the adventure in “Crossing Tanzania“.

Project Tanzania 2014

Transporting a second 40ft. shipping container to Kagera Tanzania.
Arrival date: 10/2014

Project Tanzania 2009

Financed the transportation and delivery of a 40 ft. shipping container of donated medical goods from Vermont hospitals to the Kagera region of Tanzania.

The Sandy Christman Scholarship

Sponsored at the University of New England.
2003- 2009

The Sandy Christman Lecture Series

A lecture series sponsored by the Sandy Christman Foundation.

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