Sandy Christman Foundation

Making A Difference

Our Mission

is to make the delivery of health care better in east Africa. In doing so we aim to make the world a better, healthier and safer place.

Our Vision is global. Our efforts will be directed at people in need and will not be limited by religion, nationality, geographic borders or fear.

Our Strategies

Besides supporting direct medical volunteer work to Biharamulo District Hospital we believe the most effective means to improve health care in rural underserved areas is education and increasing medical infrastructure. To that end we have begun and supported:

  • The Clean Hands Project: supplied 24 hand cleaning soap dispensers through out the hospital that often has no running water.
  • The Portable Ultrasound Project: With the help of Sonosite Corporation brought rapid, portable, bedside diagnostic capabilities to this hospital that often has no electricity.

Future Strategies

  • Solar Power: Our next project hopes to bring solar power electrical generation to Biharamulo District Hospital. This is in early planning stages. Possible completion 2018.

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